Getting to know us

Liberty Auto Mart is a family-owned and operated car dealership based in Melbourne. We are a reputable car dealership with years of operation providing people with the best cars from various brands such as Mazda, BMW, Ford, Holden, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru, and many more.  At Liberty Auto Mart, we specialise in the sale of used cars and source our cars from the best private and commercial sellers around the world. Every car we sell is in great shape and completely roadworthy. In fact, we ensure that the cars are properly tested and inspected before we buy them, and we do everything to improve their condition before selling them. If you are in Melbourne and you are looking for used cars, there is no better place to come to than

Liberty Auto Mart.

We have been in the business of selling and buying cars for more than a decade and what continues to sustain our business is our uncompromising stand on quality. All others are quality due to the thoroughness that goes into selecting them. We stock used cars from the all the best brands in the world, thereby giving customers who cannot afford to buy a new car the chance of getting a used one that is still in great condition.

We also help our customers sell their cars through the consignment process, ensuring that their cars are sold for the best prices available. Beyond that, we offer the best terms on loans and other finance options through our long term and mutually beneficial partnerships with many lenders in the market. For customers looking to achieve their dreams of owning a car, it just got simpler and less stressful for us because we make sure to find them the most suitable finance deals available. Our services are trusted by customers who have tested it over the years and seen the positive value that comes with it.

Our selling Points

If you are wondering why you should use any of our services, here is why:

Used vehicles or not, the brand name is always important. We know this, which is why we stock only cars from the top brands globally. From Mercedes to Toyota, from Ford to Mazda, we carry all the good brands. The icing on the cake is that the used cars are in incredible conditions without any wear or tear.

Our staff welcome you with open arms once you get into our office and are always looking to help you with any issue you may have. Any concern is addressed on time and to your satisfaction.

Whether you are buying a car or getting finance, we pride ourselves on affordable services that do not compromise quality. We make sure that our customers are not overcharged and get full value. If a limited budget is your concern, we have you covered.

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