Sell your car

Let us sell your car for you

Are you having troubles with selling your car? You can save yourself all the stress by letting Liberty Auto Mart sell your car for you. We will handle the whole process of the sale, and all you just have to do is drive your car to our yard. Once the sale is made, you will receive the agreed amount for the value of the car straight into your account, letting us sell your car for you comes with a lot of benefits.

If you have a car you need to sell; you can choose to do it. Many people do it, but we will not advise you to be one of those people. While you can use various means to attract buyers and sell the car, you also have to consider the downside. Some of the tasks and problems you will face if you are selling yourself include;

  • Answering phone calls from interested buyers
  • Meeting strangers who want to be shown in the car.
  • Spending money on advertisements especially if you want a quick sale
  • Dealing with disappointments from buyers who just make enquiries and don’t buy
  • Tough negotiations with buyers which might not be beneficial to you, etc.

Save yourself all these troubles by letting us sell your car on your behalf. We will do it for free, and you only have to bring the car to our yard. The process of selling the car on your behalf is called consignment.

The Consignment Process

  • It starts with you bringing the car to our office in good condition, and you should also come with all the car documents. We will appraise the car with you and determine an agreed value which will be the cost of the car. Then a contract will be drafted showing the agreement every other detail necessary for the sale. Once this is done, you can leave the car documents with us for safekeeping, and we will initiate the selling process. We will be responsible for advertising the car on our website and any other form of advertisement necessary to get buyers for the car. Once we find the right buyers, we will negotiate the sale and upon completion, transfer ownership of the car to the buyer while you get the agreed amount for the sale of the car.

Benefits of consignment

  • Frees up space in your garage,
  • It is more profitable than selling the car yourself,
  • The rest of the sale process.
  • Your car is safe and secure.
  • Your responsibility ends at delivering your car to us in good condition; we are responsible for
  • Buyers can trade their cars for your own; this works if you want a different vehicle and it encourages the quicker sale of your car.
  • We have access to information about potential buyers and what they are looking for, and we use this information to offer your car to the best buyer.

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