About our used Toyota cars

Toyota is one of the most popular car brands in the world, and that is no accident. It is due to the fantastic qualities of this car brand that stands above many of its peers. If you are looking for a high quality used vehicle and want a brand that will never disappoint. Toyota is that brand. Their cars are very durable, lasting for over 20 years and still fully functional. This is because the manufacturer builds vehicles that will last and it means that if you buy it, you can count on the car to last you for many years. With a Toyota vehicle, you don’t have to worry that you’re buying a used product because it is built to last.

The traction of the vehicle is also a class apart with its 4WD and AWD completely exceptional, which makes it great both on and off-road. Regardless of the lifestyle, you may have in mind; you will find the Toyota vehicles for it. It is also a very safe vehicle and very reliable. This is the kind of car that after you buy it, you don’t have to worry about the car breaking down as long as you maintain it.  Innovation is also another area where this vehicle stands out. At Liberty Auto Mart, we have several used Toyota vehicles for sale which include Camry Conquest, Camry Touring, Corolla Ascent, Camry Altise, Hilux SR, Toyota Hiace, Yaris Edge, Avalon GXi, Corolla Conquest, Aurion Presara, Yaris YRS, Aurion Touring, Yaris YRX, RAV4 CV, Ascent Sport, etc.

You can buy a used car easily by buying from us, the quality of all the cars with us is unquestionable, and we vouch for the quality of our cars with the warranty on the product.

Why you should buy used cars from us

  • Our cars are low mileage cars with very limited use and wear
  • All the cars are tested in both favourable and unfavourable conditions to determine their performance. This includes on highways, in traffic, uphill, on rugged roads, etc.
  • Inspection is the main reason our cars stand out, and we perform a thorough inspection where we check interior upholstery, exterior body, the engine, electronic and mechanical parts, etc.
  • Cars can be reconditioned to suit the tastes of the buyers.
  • We fix all minor faults in the vehicles, and if we notice a major or recurring problem, we remove such cars from our inventory.
  • You will get the maintenance records of the car.
  • You will also get a buyer’s guide that explains the mechanical and electrical systems of the car as they provide any basic information you need.
  • Buyers can inspect the vehicles and test drive with their mechanics.
  • We are confident about the quality of the cars we sell, which is why we offer a warranty on every car, and the buyer’s guide gives details about the warranty.
  • All the cars are available at affordable prices.

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